Test and experiment your innovations in a real-time environment in Dubai


The Regulations Lab (RegLab), launched in January 2019 in partnership with Dubai Future Foundation, is a step-change in the legislation and application of emerging technologies that aim to create an agile and conducive legislative environment and to pioneer “regulation innovation” as we develop new or existing legislation around emerging technologies in line with UAE’s Centennial 2071 plan. RegLab and AREA2071 enable startups to obtain legislative licenses to test their emerging technologies in dedicated spaces.

Dubai Experimental Zone(s):

A designated real-world test-bed designed to facilitate the development, evaluation and demonstration of robotics and autonomous systems, to speed up its development and potential business use in Dubai.

The zone connects various entities such as startups, tech developers, academic researchers, and government entities, working on advancing the maturity level of autonomous systems to identify the key challenges that could hinder the progress from a technological, regulatory, or business point of view.

Additionally, this experimental zone aims to help obtain operational approvals and creating the appropriate regulatory frameworks to allow these systems to exist citywide.

RegLab and Experimental zones allow:

  • Central access to closed facilities for training of autonomous systems throughout the UAE
  • Best-practice exchange among participating entities
  • Access to the infrastructure required to simulate real-world testing environments
  • Access to the local market, R&D workforce and market research resources


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