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The Nasdaq Dubai Growth Market has the look, feel and function of a stock market – but with a much more flexible regulatory framework, tailormade for SMEs to achieve the next phase of their expansion by raising capital through an initial public offering (IPO).

You can get your company listed with the Growth Market to get your business floating shares on this alternative market to experience the first steps towards an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Our market, operated under Nasdaq Dubai, gives IDEs an infrastructure that allows them to raise capital later on in their business life cycle, without the stress and stringent regulatory ties of the traditional IPO. will enable fast-growing companies to achieve a streamlined and cost-effective listing on the region’s international exchange.

The Growth Market will welcome companies not only from the UAE but also from around the world to help them expand in the region and internationally.

Companies will be able to list on the Growth Market if they are valued below 250 million US dollars. A minimum operating history of just one year is required, compared to three years for Nasdaq Dubai’s main market.

Like Nasdaq Dubai’s main equity market, the Growth Market will allow owners of an enterprise to carry out their IPO while selling as little as 25% of the shares in their company, enabling them to keep control.


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